CCTV pays attention to the energy saving of compressors, and investment analysts estimate the energy saving market to be in the 100 billion level

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the notice of "Made in China 2025 - Energy Equipment Implementation Plan"; Wang Huajun, executive general manager of the research department of China Galaxy Securities and chief analyst of the mechanical and military industry, was invited to analyze the high-end energy-saving equipment including compressors. It can be seen that its market prospects are very broad.

  The market for high-end energy-saving equipment is as high as 100 billion

  High-end energy-saving equipment is a relatively large category, including compressors, blowers, pumps, motors, boilers, steam turbines, internal combustion engines, etc. The industrial market scale is in the hundreds of billions. With the increasingly prominent environmental problems and the firm determination of the country in energy-saving renovation, the energy-saving market will become increasingly huge, and new growth space will be created in the future. In the future, only companies that truly master energy-saving technologies and conform to the trend of the times will be able to survive in the long run.

  How much energy can be saved by energy saving, and how high-end the high-end equipment is

  Energy-saving equipment is mainly used in high-energy-consuming industries, such as steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, etc., which are actually large energy-consuming industries. According to the 12th Five-Year Plan for the energy-saving industry, six industries, such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals, electric power, and petrochemicals, basically account for 77% of the total industrial energy consumption, and are a major difficulty in industrial energy conservation. In terms of energy saving and consumption reduction, the development prospect of this area is more important. If you can save 5% to 10% of energy every year, like a large centrifugal compressor, the cost of saving is several million a year. Then, after a year or two, the cost can be recovered. The energy saving benefit is obvious. At present, many compressor application companies in my country do not have a clear understanding of the concept of cost. In terms of compressor purchase, they only focus on the early procurement costs, while ignoring the larger operating costs, resulting in some companies seeming to spend less The money can buy a product of the same specification, but it needs to pay more energy consumption in the later operation. It not only seriously affects the economic benefits of the company, but also causes a huge waste of environmental resources. At this point, it is not only necessary for compressor application companies to strengthen cost awareness, but as a compressor manufacturer, it is also obliged to strengthen guidance and publicity to downstream companies in this regard.

  The two major segments of compressors and motors have the greatest development opportunities

  The two sub-segments of compressors and motors in energy-saving equipment have the greatest development prospects. In terms of compressor energy saving, every technological progress and energy saving of enterprises in energy saving transformation can bring great economic and environmental benefits to the whole society. Such new fields as biomass power generation and wind power generation have relatively good market prospects. In particular, if it can expand from the field of compressors to gas turbines, and even high-end fields such as turbojet engines for drones, the development prospects will be further improved. As the basic part of the entire industrial economy, the compressor plays an important role in the industrial process. The progress of compressor energy saving is of great significance to the energy saving of the whole society. Promoting the energy-saving development of compressors is a wise move in line with the times, and it is also a reflection of the overall social responsibility of my country's compressor enterprises.

Future investment opportunities rise

The concept of high-end energy-saving equipment energy-saving is a bit big, especially industrial energy-saving, because it is a very specialized segment. The capital market does not pay much attention at present, but there are high investment opportunities in this field in the future, and the overall valuation level is very high. Like the machinery industry, the overall valuation level of the industry is 60 to 70 times the PE (price-earnings ratio), and the energy-saving equipment has a PE level of about 50 to 60 times, which is generally high and has a large room for future growth. It should be noted that the downstream application of high-end energy-saving equipment in traditional industries, such as oil refining, petrochemical industry, and electric power, has shrunk a little in terms of new demand, but the demand for transformation is relatively large.

   Investment logic of high-end energy-saving equipment industry:

  1. Transformation requirements

  2, new demand pull

  3. Import substitution

  The current capital market does not pay enough attention to the energy saving of high-end equipment. There are specific reasons: on the one hand, it depends on the fact that my country's capital market is not very developed; the second reason is that the capital market does not have enough awareness of energy saving. As the country continues to attack energy conservation, and people begin to have more and more awareness of energy conservation, more capital will be approached to high-end equipment energy conservation in the future, and investment will also increase unprecedentedly. We won't have to wait too long for this day to come.