Introduction to daily troubleshooting of screw air compressors

When we usually choose a screw air compressor, we must understand its daily troubleshooting method, so that we can find the correct way to deal with it when there is a problem in the later use. What are the specific ones? Want You can see if you understand.

Introduction to daily troubleshooting of screw air compressors

Oil separator The oil and gas separator filter element is made of multi-layer fine glass fiber. The oil-water separation filter element is mainly designed for oil-water-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely: coalescence filter element and separation filter element.

Fault appearance: blockage/damage/burning/poor separation effect.

Troubleshooting: The oil product of the lubricating oil and the pollution degree of the surrounding environment have a great influence on its life. If the environmental pollution is very serious, you can consider installing a pre-air filter.

Blockage: When the oil separator is blocked, the motor current of the air compressor will be too large. It is also possible that the oil separation core will be deformed due to excessive pressure, and the main engine will lock when the motor is overloaded seriously. In addition, the excessive current will shorten the life of the contactor or cause the contact to burn and cause a major accident. Generally, the screw air compressor will have a pressure gauge in front of the filter element. When the pressure difference between the pressure gauge in front of the filter element and the air supply pressure gauge reaches 0.08MPa, the oil separation core should be replaced.

The quality of the oil separator itself is too poor;

1. Impurities: including the impurities that enter with the air and the impurities generated by friction inside the air compressor, etc. Impurities can contaminate the lubricating oil, causing it to fail;

2. Acid-base gas: There will be a large amount of acid-base gas in the operating environment of some air compressors, and the type of gas will also affect the working performance of the lubricating oil, thereby shortening its service life;

3. The quality of lubricating oil: The quality of lubricating oil will directly determine the period of its use. As long as it is produced by a regular manufacturer and has passed the quality verification, it can be replaced once every 4,000 hours in a standard environment, while the replacement cycle of inferior lubricating oil is very short;

4. Humidity of the air: The higher the humidity in the air, the more water will enter the air compressor, and the mixing of water and lubricating oil will cause the lubricating oil to deteriorate, which will affect its service life.