What are the reasons and treatment measures for the low output exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor?

The screw air compressor is a widely used general-purpose machine and plays an important role in many industries. However, screw air compressors are often plagued by problems such as high temperature, air pressure changes, loading and unloading, and noise. The reasons for the low output exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor and the treatment are described below. Screw air compressors are pre-configured screw air compressors that only require a single power connection and compressed air connection, and have a built-in cooling system, which greatly simplifies the installation work. Screw air compressors consistently provide high-quality compressed air for all walks of life with its high performance, high efficiency, maintenance-free, and high reliability. The following will introduce the reasons and measures for the low output exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor.

Compressed air compressor

1. The actual gas consumption of the screw air compressor is greater than the gas production of the unit. The connected equipment and pipe network should be checked, and if there is a leak, it should be repaired in time. If the screw air compressor is in normal use, the air consumption of the system is greater than the air output of the compressor unit, then the large-sized compressor unit should be replaced or the compressor unit should be added.

2. The setting value of unloading pressure is too low. Correctly set the unloading pressure value to give full play to the efficiency.

3. The filter element of the air filter of the screw air compressor is dirty and blocked, resulting in insufficient air intake and low exhaust pressure of the compressor unit. Air filter condition should be checked and replaced if necessary.

4. Solenoid valve failure. The main bleed solenoid valve and the cold start bleed solenoid valve on the exhaust line of the screw air compressor leak and need to be replaced.

5. Control the leakage of the air hose. Replace the screw air compressor control air hose.

6. The action of the intake valve is insensitive and not fully opened. It is necessary to overhaul the screw air compressor and check the condition of the control system.

7. The oil separator is blocked, and the filter element of the oil separator needs to be replaced.

8. After the drain valve of the gas-water separator is opened, it is stuck and causes leakage, and it should be repaired.

9. The vent valve is faulty, and the screw air compressor unit cannot be closed when it is loaded. Repair or replacement is required.