Do you know what a screw air compressor is? Screw type twin screw and air compressor is a kind of air compressor, there are two kinds of single screw and double screw. The invention of the twin-screw air compressor is more than ten years later than the single-screw air compressor, and the design of the twin-screw air compressor is more reasonable and advanced.

We should also encounter some failures when using air compressors! The exhaust pressure will also be too high in the use of such products! What is the reason for this? The following article also It has been sorted out for you, and you can take a look at what you need to know.

The screw air compressor is a widely used general-purpose machine and plays an important role in many industries. However, screw air compressors are often plagued by problems such as high temperature, air pressure changes, loading and unloading, and noise. The reasons for the low output exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor and the treatment are described below. Screw air compressors are pre-configured screw air compressors that only require a single power connection and compressed air connection, and have a built-in cooling system, which greatly simplifies the installation work.