Maintenance operation steps of screw air compressor

Generally speaking, the screw air compressor mainly refers to the twin-screw air compressor. During the use of this type of air compressor, due to some improper habits, it will inevitably cause some problems. In fact, there are many that need our attention. Yes, because of some seemingly small problems, there is also the risk of causing the screw air compressor to shut down or even be scrapped. At this time, some reasonable operations such as maintenance are needed to deal with it.

Usually, you must have come into contact with a lot of maintenance knowledge about screw air compressors, but I believe that many friends are not very clear about the specific steps of screw air compressor maintenance. Here I will share with you the maintenance of screw air compressors. The operation steps, I hope reading this article can improve your hands-on maintenance skills.

A. Turn the screws in an orderly manner to open the case of the screw air compressor. After opening, remove the damaged parts such as bearings that need to be replaced. In order to ensure the wear resistance of the accessories, these accessories are installed on a horizontal line;

B. If it is necessary to check the oil circuit of the screw air compressor and the related cooling system, the base of the screw air compressor is the key inspection area. It should be noted that the screw air compressor oil is close to the base of the screw air compressor. area, in the base of the screw air compressor, there will be a relevant panel to control the oil level;

Warm reminder, before the inspection of the whole screw air compressor officially starts, all the valves related to compressed air need to be closed. During the whole maintenance process, attention should be paid to avoid the motor part from being opened. These are the whole screw air compressors. It is worth paying attention to in the maintenance process. After sharing this article for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone's study and work.